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By far the best weather in the US


I am so ready for 2015!

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“What people don’t understand is, one day off for Cal Ripken would not recharge his batteries. One day would not do it. He’s not playing 2,130 games in a row. Cal is ONLY playing 162 games a year.” – Frank Robinson in The Sporting News (September 11, 1995)

Clippers vs Warriors

The Clippers needed to end this nightmare of a series, but it frightfully continues.

The Clippers needed to bury the Golden State Warriors and catch their exhausted breaths for the next round of the NBA playoffs, but the Warriors live.

It is the last thing the Clippers need at the end of a two-week purgatory during which they were humiliated beyond reason and stressed beyond belief, but after Friday (local time), it is here.

Clippers save us all! – Allan Hennin