Allan Henning is looking for information on El Niño.

Allan Henning is waiting for El Nino

Just sitting here waiting for El Nino.

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Allan Henning thinks LA has the best weather.

By far the best weather in the US


I am so ready for 2015!

Allan Henning likes the Giants

“What people don’t understand is, one day off for Cal Ripken would not recharge his batteries. One day would not do it. He’s not playing 2,130 games in a row. Cal is ONLY playing 162 games a year.” – Frank Robinson in The Sporting News (September 11, 1995)

Clippers vs Warriors

The Clippers needed to end this nightmare of a series, but it frightfully continues.

The Clippers needed to bury the Golden State Warriors and catch their exhausted breaths for the next round of the NBA playoffs, but the Warriors live.

It is the last thing the Clippers need at the end of a two-week purgatory during which they were humiliated beyond reason and stressed beyond belief, but after Friday (local time), it is here.

Clippers save us all! – Allan Hennin

Apple Magic Mouse

My new magic mouse is beautiful. Typical Apple elegance, redefining the aesthetic concept of the lowly mouse. Except – every time I try to use it, I am horribly disappointed. My fingers find no natural home on the impeccably symmetrical, totally convex flowing surface. I have tried everything from gripping the sharp edges with my thumb and ring finger and arching my forefinger and middle finger to the forward corners of the upper surface, to laying my entire palm atop the device and trying to capture it against the table. Nothing works well; unintended commands send my now overly feature-laden desktop skidding off in odd directions. – Allan Henning

New McLaren

Hi Allan, how are you?

We just unveiled a new car today at the Geneva Auto Show, I thought I would share it with you:
This should be more aggressive compared to the current 12C, if you want to take a closer look you are welcome to visit.  I will be receiving my demo vehicle around mid-April.
Thank you

New Porsche Turbo is Insane

I’d suggest that Porsche change the 911 Turbo and Turbo S’s names to “Hold onto your Effing Hats,” but that would look stupid spelled out on the decklid. You see, the Turbo twins are all about speed, and now Porsche finally has introduced the latest models. Allan Henning